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Fire extinguisher

Your fire extinguisher service plays a crucial role in protecting your residents and the general public in the event of fire. Whether you’re a small business owner, a landlord or a property management agent, it’s your legal duty to provide the right level of fire extinguisher protection. Palladium Fire & Safety, London will help you do just that.

Fire extinguisher installation

Fire extinguisher supply and installation simply isn’t something that’s left to chance. Portable fire extinguishers need to be of the right type, the right number and sited in the right places. The British Standard, BS5306 Part 8 needs to be followed to the letter.

As BAFE successfully trained engineers, Palladium Fire & Safety makes sure that you always comply, supplying and installing everything your premises needs: from fire extinguishers, brackets and stands to safety blankets and signage. Site surveys and quotations are provided free.


Fire extinguisher maintenance

And fire extinguisher maintenance is absolutely essential too. Fire extinguishers need to be thoroughly tested every year, and have an extended inspection every 5 years. It’s the law. Lives can depend on them.

Palladium’s comprehensive fire extinguisher maintenance service ensures your fire extinguishers are always kept in good working order. Discharge tests, cylinder checks, worn part replacements and refills – just leave it all to us. We make it safe.

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