Fire safety solutions for landlords

Property management agents and small businesses in London


Providing complete fire safety solutions, Palladium Fire & Safety is trusted by private landlords, property management agents and small business owners throughout the London area.

We fully understand your responsibility for assuring the safety of residents, staff and customers, and propose high quality solutions to achieve the right balance between fire safety and budget, system reliability and aesthetics.

Palladium is an expert in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire alarm, fire extinguisher and emergency lighting systems. And we complement our fire safety solutions with a broad range of security system and electrical wiring services.

With its FIA and BAFE certified engineers, Palladium Fire & Safety will never cut corners, won’t compromise on quality, or put people at risk. Ensuring your full compliance with fire safety legislation is paramount. You can rest assured - we make it safe.

CONTACT US now, in London, to find out more about our fire safety and security solutions.